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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Truely, Madly, Deeply In Loving You, Abah.

Ini Entry Father's Day Yang Diperam Lama. Nasib baik belom jadi pekasam. Specially for you abah.. :) toing2..malu.. lari masuk bilik macam dalam drama hindi.

Dearest Abah,

How am i going to start this? Hmm.. I know its going to be so weird and rare for me to write this. Hee T_T But anyway, for the sake of my love for you, it doesn't matter. I would say that it takes u a long journey to bring me up for what i am today. I know, its hard. But u never complaint. You are quite harsh but for the reason what you are, you had become such a very good father in the world. The others will tell that their fathers are the best ever fathers in the world but i will not deny that you are the most greatest ever father to me in my world.

Have you remembered when we had a big fight during last two years..(well, i wanna to forget it, but it keeps on reminding..)? You said that you are so touched with my acts.. and from the day we fought, you keep on silent and won't talked to me anymore. Hmm.. I just can not live a day without speaking or talking to you on that month.. I feel like all the things that i did are wrong without your blessing. From that day, I realized that i just need your blessing for what i'm doing, where i'm going and for who i become. You are so important in my life, abah.. I'm so Sorry for breaking your heart with my acts on that day..

Abah.. Thanks for being a very good father to me.. Thanks for bringing me up for what i am today.. Thanks for everything.. I love you so much.. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY :)

My Beloved Abah - Pak Bihi a.k.a Coach Bihi

p/s : My Abah is my informal english teacher during school. heee He always wanted me to score 100% in my english exam. 


Zullism said...

wow...ikhlas untuk abah tu..:) so sweet

Cik Syeeda Sobbihi said...

hehe..saje buat post yg sweet utk abah.. :)

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